Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

Never undervalue kid’s oral health.

Taking kids to the dentist is important to keep their dental health in good condition. But from a kid’s point of view, a visit to the dentist can be a scary thing. At Whatcom Dental, we take our good try to make kid’s visit fun-loving and interesting, because we dislike seeing your kids in pain due to decay or disease.

We follow a friendly approach that make the kids believe the dentist’s office is a good place instead of being afraid of it. Being a pediatric dental specialist in Bellingham, we consider kid’s dental health to be an integral part of their overall well-being.

Give your child the care he or she deserves

Many people don’t realize how important their children’s teeth are for a lasting oral health. Focusing on providing quality pediatric dental care for children, our team is all set to protect and restore their teeth, so that they can speak and eat easily and can have a delightful smile.

The team led by Dr. N.S. Sidhu is devoted to supporting and educating patients of all ages including kids about maintaining the oral health and help in prevention of dental disease. We offer easy access to high-quality comprehensive treatment and education, as well as orthodontics, for kids and those with healthcare needs.

A good dental health can produce a sense of well-being, provide a lasting smile, and endorse good overall health. We endeavor to attain this goal in an environment that is comforting and friendly to both parents and children of all ages.

Our Treatment Includes

  • Treatment Planning
  • Teeth Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Early Orthodontics

Dental Exams and Cleaning: Kids certainly will have a good time where they feel most comfortable meeting with the dentist. The arrangement is like that they feel more relaxed during their dental exams and cleaning.

Treatment Planning: The treatment will be planned based on initial consultation with the dentists. It shall be proceeded depending on the kid’s ability to accept the dental treatment at that time.

Teeth Fillings and Extractions: Fillings helps to restore the teeth to a complete healthy one. We provide the safe and comfortable environment to both the fillings and extraction.

Early Orthodontics: We care to enhance the growth of jaw which help to eliminate certain orthodontic problems, for example underbite.

Your way to happiness

To get the desired results even after the dental visit, we coordinate with parents and ensure children are following a proper care of their deal health. The visit to Whatcom Dental is a great opportunity for parents as well to learn how best they can contribute to their children’s dental health.

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