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Whatcom Dental is Bellingham Dentist Clinic offering specialised dental care.

Dr. Navjot Sidhu is well experienced dentist in Bellingham WA area. The services include General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Kids Dentistry and Family Dentistry.

At “Whatcom Dental”, we pride ourselves on giving an excellent and a relaxed dental care using the latest dental procedures. High-Quality dental care being the core of our service, our experienced team focus to deliver the best care we can and to improve the oral health.

Patients need precise and effective dental treatment to get their oral health back. Our dental access service in Bellingham serves an example that helps lead to an enduring, reliable relationship between the dentist and patient.

If you are considering for a best-in-class dental experience by quality dentists in Bellingham WA we make available the best dentistry possible for each and every patient we serve.

Formerly headed by family dentist Dr Patrick Coe, the dental clinic serves the community in Bellingham and across Whatcom County. The dental clinic provides preventive and corrective treatments, x-ray imaging, complete dental assessments, orthodontics, root canal treatments, cleaning and emergency dental care.

If you are looking for well experienced and skilled Bellingham Dentist or a quality dental clinic offering compassionate dental care,  Whatcom Dental by  Dr Navjot Sidhu, (one of the reputed dentists in Bellingham WA) will be your right choice.

Compassionate Care
Very friendly with outstanding care, we deliver affordable quality dental care for patients with a variety of dental treatment needs. Our dental practice is devoted to provide compassionate care through best-in-class procedures.
Convenient Location
As Whatcom Dental is located in a convenient location, the patients can have easy access to quality dental care. The clinic has enough parking spaces to park the patient vehicles.
Patient Appreciation
We want our dental office to be a fulfilling environment to receive the best dental services for all. Every patient who visits us should feel like a member of our bonded dental family.
What We Can Do
General Dentistry
General Dentistry
Family Dentistry
Family Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry